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Data Solutions for Home Computer Users

With an expansive international network of offices, Secure Data Recovery Services offers a complete selection of data solutions for home computer users. From data recovery and hard drive repair to computer forensics, password recovery and other intensive services, we provide efficient services with enhanced security controls and competitive pricing.

Our flexible options give home computer users a simple, affordable way to obtain professional data recovery services.
Our flexible options give home computer users a simple, affordable way to obtain professional data recovery services.

Most home computer users occasionally encounter unexpected issues with their systems, and while computer repair shops can help with minor hardware issues, more advanced problems require specialized solutions. As a leading data recovery provider, Secure Data Recovery Services is qualified to provide these solutions, and our offices allow convenient access to out best-in-industry technologies.

Some of the most significant advantages of our services include:

  • Options for Every Operating System and Device Type
  • No Recovery, No Service Charge Guarantee with Every Case
  • Superior Security at All Offices
  • An Overall Success Rate of Over 97 Percent
  • 24/7 Emergency Data Recovery Solutions

Because the data recovery process is completely different from case to case, Secure Data Recovery Services performs full diagnostics on home computer systems to create accurate price quotes. We offer free diagnostics for hard drives, solid-state drives, RAID arrays and various other home computing devices.

To discuss data solutions for your system, call us today or read on for an overview of our technology.

Superior Technology for More Dependable Data Solutions

Home computer users need data solutions that limit downtime and prevent permanent file losses in a disaster. At Secure Data Recovery Services, we utilize the latest technologies to provide fast, dependable options for our customers, and our teams use safe procedures to recover your data without putting your media at risk.

We operate a fully certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which protects hard drives and other computer media when physical repairs are necessary. Our team includes media specialists with a wide range of backgrounds, and we are able to effectively treat every type of home computer storage device regardless of operating system or other factors.

We offer data recovery solutions for all scenarios including:

  • Hard Drive Failures and Crashes
  • File Deletion and Application Errors Resulting in Data Loss
  • Attacks from Malicious Programs
  • Electronic Damage, Fire Damage and Water Damage
  • Accidental Overwrites and More

Most computer users store sensitive information on their systems, and every data solutions provider should take precautions to protect against security risks. We are certified under SSAE 16 Type II SOC-1 standards, and our exceptional protocols ensure your privacy from the moment your case arrives. We comply with various standards and all federal regulations regarding the storage and handling of personal data.

In addition to data recovery, we provide computer forensics, electronic discovery, media repair, and other solutions through our network of offices. All services feature the same excellent security, and we post our credentials online for easy access.

What to Do When You Need Data Recovery for a Home Computer

Hard drives, flash cards, solid-state drives and other home storage media can become susceptible to permanent damage when media failures occur. If you believe that you will need data recovery or another professional service, turn your computer off when you notice the first signs of failure.

Keep the system completely powered off and do not make any attempt to recover your data, as you could contribute to media issues. Never open a hard drive or other storage device; this will expose sensitive components to dust and other airborne contaminants, potentially resulting in immediate damage.

Secure Data Recovery Services provides the solutions you need to restore your system to a fully functional and complete state. Our services are secure, efficient and flexible, and we offer turnaround options for all budgets and turnaround requirements. Every case is protected through our no recovery, no service charge guarantee, and we can help you choose appropriate options to address virtually any scenario. Call us today at 1-800-705-3701 to set up a new case or for more information.