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Secure Solutions for Tape Data Recovery in Mexico

When an unexpected disaster prevents your business from accessing crucial data on storage tapes, Secure Data Recovery Services provides a full set of effective solutions. We specialize in tape data recovery, and our engineers can effectively treat any cartridge regardless of its format, compression ratio or failure scenario.

Data tape failures can present a serious challenge for any business.
Data tape failures can present a serious challenge for any business.

Tape formats like LTO, DLT and DDS allow for cost-effective archival backup, and businesses throughout Mexico rely on tape cartridges to store email archives, databases and other critically important data. Unfortunately, no storage format provides perfect reliability, even when administrators perform regular tests to ensure consistency.

When you cannot access files on a digital storage tape, you need fast assistance from dedicated data tape repair professionals. Secure Data Recovery Services invests heavily in tape technology, and our laboratory is fully equipped for all media formats. By restoring damaged components and working directly with your data, our teams can restore important files to a fully working condition.

Features of our tape data recovery services:

  • Risk-Free Standard Tape Diagnostics
  • No Recovery, No Service Fee Guarantee
  • Support for LTO, DLT, 7-Track, 9-Track and All Other Formats
  • Advanced Tools for Database Repair
  • Additional Services for RAID Data Recovery and Server Repair

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we understand the important role that archival tapes play in your business’s disaster recovery strategy. We provide a full set of options to keep you in control of the situation, and our teams are ready to safely restore your data in a matter of days. Contact us today to get started.

Choosing a Reliable Tape Data Recovery Provider

In order to recover data tapes, engineers need a working familiarity of various file systems and compression technologies. They also need to exercise extreme caution when handling recovered files, as most data tapes contain a large amount of personally identifiable information.

Our tape engineers have experience with all types of magnetic tapes including legacy formats.
Our tape engineers have experience with all types of magnetic tapes including legacy formats.

What to Do When a Data Storage Tape Fails

When you cannot read a tape, you should immediately eject it. Refrain from reading any other important cartridges before checking your tape drive for mechanical issues. Do not attempt to read, recover or repair your damaged data tapes. If your tape will not eject, unplug your tape drive from your computer to prevent further mechanical damage.

Choose a data recovery provider that has extensive experience with your tape format. Never open your cartridges for any reason, as this could contribute to permanent media read/write issues.

Secure Data Recovery Services can treat all tape failure scenarios including:

  • Damage from Oxidation and Poor Storage Conditions
  • Flipped or Broken Tape
  • Heat Damage
  • Accidental Deletion and Overwrites
  • File Corruption

We offer several different service levels for data tape recovery. Our 24/7/365 emergency service can restore your files in under a day under many circumstances, and our free diagnostics give you an effective way to control costs. All of our tape services feature the same high success rates, excellent security credentials and industry-leading customer service. For more information on available service options or to set up a new tape data recovery case, call us today at 1-800-705-3701.