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SAN Data Recovery Services from an Industry Leader

When your storage needs to tend toward high speed and large size, Storage Area Networks are the logical choice versus Network Area Storage, or NAS, configurations. The key difference between these two is that the storage model for NAS is file based, whereas SAN utilizes a block based model.

Secure Data Recovery Services can repair your hardware to a functional state, while restoring your SAN RAID’s data.
Secure Data Recovery Services can repair your hardware to a functional state, while restoring your SAN RAID’s data.

Versus a NAS solution, SAN offers higher data availability, efficient and flexible hardware deployment, backup efficiency and storage virtualization. Configuring a SAN with RAID arrays further improves reliability. However, neither SAN nor NAS has a zero probability of data loss.

Sources of SAN Failure

Though SAN systems provide many operating and usability advantages, they are susceptible to numerous failure causes:

  • Operator or user errors – Misconfiguration by administrators or accidental file deletion by users
  • Software errors – Server applications or server OS malfunctions that create data inconsistencies
  • Hardware errors – Faults in hard drive mechanisms or drive controllers that exceed the ability of RAID system redundancy

Any of these errors or malfunctions may lead to individual file or file system logical structure corruption that prevent data acquisition by users or applications.

Steps to Take if Your SAN Goes Down

When a failure occurs, your company is looking at significant productivity loss if proper steps are not taken immediately. Secure Data Recovery Services’ highly experienced data recovery specialists are on call 24 hours every day of the year to respond to your emergency and rectify the situation in a timely manner.

In order to avoid further data loss and improve your odds for full recovery, there are steps you must take:

  • If a RAID recovery was attempted and failed, do not attempt an array rebuild again
  • Do not run any other recovery software
  • Power down the SAN completely to preserve file system state
  • Set up an immediate evaluation of your SAN media with Secure Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Procedures

After a risk-free diagnosis of your SAN configuration and media, Secure Data Recovery Specialists will provide a detailed report of the system failure, a time estimate to recover data and an accurate price quote. Typically, high priority cases are successfully completed within 48 hours.

Work is accomplished in Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom with complete security and privacy as required by their SSAE 16 Type II Certification, SAS 70 Type II audit and TRUSTe certifications. Their industry leading track record is demonstrated by Secure Data Recovery Services’ #1 rating in Top Ten Reviews for RAID data recovery.

Highly Knowledgeable Data Recovery Specialists

Be assured that Secure Data Recovery Services’ specialists are completely familiar with all SAN deployments:

  • SAN RAID and SAN-NAS hybrid configurations
  • Interconnect fabrics including AoE, FCoE, iSCSI, SAS, eSATA, Fibre Channel, etc.
  • Files systems including NTFS, EXT4, FreeBSD, Solaris’ ZFS and more
  • File sharing schemes such as NFS, SMB and AFP

The Highest Standard for Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services prides itself on its ability to apply the most advanced technology available to your data recovery crisis. Besides offering the most flexible service options in the industry and around-the-clock emergency data recovery, they provide clients unparalleled advantages:

  • Free diagnostics
  • A 96 percent success rate at recovering data from any media
  • A guarantee that if your data are not recovered, you pay nothing
  • Service availability from over 40 offices worldwide
  • Online case tools and 24/7 service team access

Fast, Reliable and Worry-Free

Secure Data Recovery Services is clearly your best option for fast, reliable recovery when your SAN RAID system experiences failure. Put their talented staff to work by contacting one of their data recovery experts at 1-800-705-3701 when disaster strikes.