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Professional File & Email Repair and Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services provides file repair, email data recovery and related resources for computer users in Mexico. By utilizing specialized utilities and a state-of-the-art laboratory, our engineers can safely restore any logically damaged file while protecting the confidentiality of your data.

Our teams can restore most corrupt, deleted or otherwise damaged files in a matter of days.
Our teams can restore most corrupt, deleted or otherwise damaged files in a matter of days.

Data loss is a common problem for computer users. Files can suddenly become corrupt or unreasonable for dozens of reasons, leaving you without access to important information. If you do not have a recent backup, a virus attack or “file corrupt” error can be disastrous. We provide a way to restore email archives, documents and other files while limiting your budget following a disaster.

Some of the most common sources of damage for individual files include:

  • Corruption Caused by Operating System or Software Issues
  • Deletion and Accidental Overwrites
  • Server Failures and RAID Rebuild Issues
  • Localized Hard Drive Damage
  • Repartitioning and Formatting Errors
  • Virus Damage

Secure Data Recovery Services’ engineers have the knowledge and experience to recover any file regardless of failure scenario, format or other factors. We offer risk-free diagnostics for every standard case, and our no recovery, no service fee guarantee protects you from unexpected expenses. Additionally, we offer a full set of service options including remote file recovery. Call us today to get started.

Superior Technology for Secure File Data Recovery and Email Repair

When a file becomes unreadable or inaccessible, data recovery engineers need to exercise care in order to prevent additional damage and to ensure the best possible chances of a successful outcome. We start our case process with a risk-free analysis, which determines the exact cause of data loss. If your hard drive (or other storage device) was damaged during the failure, we can safely perform physical repairs in a Class 10 ISO 4 certified Cleanroom.

With superior technology and specialized file repair utilities, Secure Data Recovery Services offers success rates of 96 percent.
With superior technology and specialized file repair utilities, Secure Data Recovery Services offers success rates of 96 percent.

Our engineers create a complete copy of your device with specialized hardware, which maintains the integrity of your original media. We always work from a copy of your media, utilizing case-appropriate utilities to restore your data to a fully functional state. Because our engineers have experience with SQL, Outlook, Office and hundreds of other programs, they can recover files regardless of format, and our turnaround options include 24/7/365 emergency services and remote file recovery.

When choosing a data recovery provider, you should look for a company with adequate security credentials. As Mexico’s most secure file repair company, we hold a SSAE 16 Type II SOC-1 certification, which demonstrates the effectiveness of our security protocols. We also hold additional credentials; visit our certifications page for more information.

What to Do When You Cannot Access an Important File

Because your computer could overwrite deleted or corrupt data, we strongly recommend disconnecting your system from its power source as soon as you notice signs of file damage. Keep it powered off until you can get assistance from a file recovery professional. Data recovery software could cause additional damage in some circumstances, so you should never attempt to recover files on your own if you cannot definitively identify the source of data loss.

Benefits of choosing Secure Data Recovery Services for file repair and email recovery:

  • Turnaround Options for Every Budget
  • Remote File Recovery and Emergency Service Options
  • Support for All File Formats and Operating Systems
  • Extensive Security Credentials
  • Services for Hard Drive Data Recovery, Server Repair and More

Regardless of the size or complexity of your damaged files, you need professional assistance in order to quickly restore full access without risking your confidentiality. Secure Data Recovery Services provides a comprehensive resource, and whether you need to restore an entire database or a single Office document, our experts are ready to get started. To set up an evaluation or to explore file recovery options, call us today at 1-800-705-3701.