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Emergency Same-Day Data Recovery in Mexico

Through a network of offices, Secure Data Recovery Services offers emergency options for businesses and personal computer users throughout Mexico. We specialize in data recovery and server repair, and under our emergency service option, we can often restore a workable copy of your files in less than a day. All of our service options feature certified security and our no recovery, no service fee guarantee.

When you lose access to important data, time is often the most important factor. Productivity losses can quickly drive up your costs, and if you cannot recreate the lost files, our emergency data recovery service is an excellent solution.

From the second your case arrives, we take every possible step to limit your turnaround time. Our engineers work on your case around the clock, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a team-driven approach. Whether you cannot access data due to a hard drive failure, a server rebuild issue or an employee error, Secure Data Recovery Services gives you a fast way to restore essential functionality in an emergency.

To start an emergency data recovery case, call our customer service team today.

Options for Hard Drive Data Recovery, Server Repair and More

As Mexico’s most advanced data recovery company, Secure Data Recovery Services invests heavily in new technologies and in ongoing training programs for our staff. We start every emergency case with a comprehensive evaluation, which determines the exact cause of data loss and an appropriate course for recovery. Our teams do not void active product warranties at any point in our case process.

Secure Data Recovery Services holds extensive security credentials, and we follow strict protocols when performing our emergency services.
Secure Data Recovery Services holds extensive security credentials, and we follow strict protocols when performing our emergency services.

We provide a price quote and turnaround estimate, and after receiving your approval, we immediately address physical media issues in our certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom. This environment allows our engineers to treat damaged hard drives, solid-state drives and other storage media without risking accidental damage. We create a complete clone of your system before treating logical issues such as file corruption, accidental deletion and virus damage.

Reasons to choose our 24/7/365 emergency data recovery services:

  • Same-Day Turnaround in Many Scenarios
  • Full Support for All Device Types and File Formats
  • Remote Recovery Option for Logically Damaged Files
  • Award-Winning Emergency RAID Data Recovery Services
  • No Recovery, No Service Charge Guarantee
  • An Overall Success Rate of 96 Percent

In addition to emergency data recovery, we can repair damaged hardware in order to further limit downtime. Our RAID repair and data tape repair services help you restore mission-critical systems in days instead of weeks, and because we maintain a full hardware library at our laboratory, we can treat virtually any type of server or digital storage device effectively. All of our services feature SSAE 16 Type II SOC-1 certified security, and we always take appropriate precautions when handling personally identifiable information.

Steps to Take in a Data Loss Emergency

Hundreds of scenarios can result in data loss, and because symptoms do not always indicate a particular type of failure, you should exercise caution when you cannot access important files. Avoid operating your computer, as doing so could cause overwrites or additional physical damage to your media. Turn your system completely off and contact our team to discuss our 24/7/365 emergency services.

We offer solutions for all data loss scenarios including:

  • RAID Rebuild Errors and Accidental Overwrites
  • File Deletion and Virus Damage
  • Damage from Smoke, Water, Fire and Electrical Events
  • Hard Drive Failures
  • Data Tape Read/Write Issues and More

When data loss strikes, Secure Data Recovery Services can play a crucial role in your disaster recovery plan. Our emergency services are the fastest option available for Mexico businesses, and regardless of your media format or failure scenario, our team-driven approach yields reliable results. Call us today at 1-800-705-3701 for pricing information or to set up a case.