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We Stand By Our Dedication To Quality

Secure Data Recovery Services is one of the world's leading data recovery providers, and we have developed a reputation for our reliable, professional approach. We were the first data recovery company to earn a SSAE 18 Type II Certification through numerous audits and tests

When you trust your media to Secure Data Recovery Services, you can depend on consistent quality and attention to detail. We receive hundreds of letters each year from satisfied clients, and we post some of the most noteworthy letters online.

Featured Letters of Appreciation

View our testimonials below to see why Secure Data Recovery Services offers faster case completion times, higher success rates and better security than any other data recovery provider. Click on any of the letters below to read accounts of our clients' experiences.

We are always interested in receiving feedback from our clients. If you have comments, suggestions, or questions, please e-mail [email protected]. You can also call us at 1-800-705-3701.